Our Mission

The Abyss and her captain have an unsated possession for obscure sonic artifacts and cryptic mysteries. From the icy ocean depths, to the frostbitten and fractured corners of the terrestrial world. Our mission is to locate and retrieve lost, warped, and distorted sounds forgotten in time. Capturing then weaving together the broken mutated echoes of the past. Creating a haunting and otherworldly composition. A symphony of faded memory loss.

Sonic Corpus

We are building a visual record and sonic archive from all the recovered artifacts. By subscribing you’ll have access to different levels of everything that’s been published before and everything still to come. Your very own private library.

ABITS Discord Server

Part of our mission is to build a community of like minded subscribers who share the insatiable curiosity for locating, recording and composing unique sonic tapestries.

Captain's Log

Even if you can't support us, stay up to date with the Abyss and her Captain. See and hear what inspires them to keep searching for the lost and forgotten.